Razmataz Salon will raise $500 for The Caring Place food bank with clients loyalty points


Hunger free Holidays!

The holidays are quickly approaching, as we all know many people struggle this time of year. Razmataz Salon is hoping to raise $500 so we can help stock the local food bank at The Caring Place where they are trying to raise 92,000lbs of food in 92 days by December 31st!

Normally our clients can redeem their loyalty points they earn at Razmataz for travel products and services. This season we have decided to let our clients donate their loyalty points they have earned and help join the fight for HUNGER FREE HOLIDAYS!

It’s pretty amazing to live in a community such as Georgetown and know we have The Caring Place where financial assistance and help with food is there when people need it. I decided to share a little history on how the caring place was founded,

The economy had gone bust.  Many people in Georgetown were laid off and were having trouble paying their rent and utility bills. Many were hungry and were unable to afford to put food on the table for their families, or buy clothing for the children.  So it’s today?  No, it’s 1985 in Georgetown, Texas.  Back then, families were going from church to church and to the County seeking financial assistance, clothing and food. Today, people from all over Northern Williamson County can go to one place – The Caring Place – for true emergency assistance

Although many leaders and volunteers helped make The Caring Place a reality, it was actually two women from the community who started it all. Yolanda (Yoli) Branson, a volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul Society, and Marty Maxwell, an outreach worker at the Madella Hillard Neighborhood Center with Williamson Burnet Counties Opportunities, had a vision. They approached the Georgetown Ministerial Alliance (comprised of the pastors of eleven Georgetown churches at the time) and asked them to create a single place where people needing emergency assistance could go for help.

The Caring Place continues to fulfill the mission for which it was created back in 1985.  It remains a local ministry of the community which serves the community. The Caring Place exists because of the generosity of the Georgetown community and because of the confidence the community has in the ability of The Caring Place to step up, and not step over, our neighbors in need.

We are so excited to be able to give this gift back to our community and it would not be possible without our loyal customers, What a great way to end the year and know we have all helped a little in our community.

Rachel Smith,

Owner Razmataz Salon





tel: 512 864 9829


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