Pureology Strength Cure


Pureology is a salon hair care brand unlike any other. Pureology products are highly concentrated, their shampoos are zero sulphate and have an exclusive AntiFadeComplex to help color-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use, they are also 100% Vegan.

I wanted to share  Pureology Strength Cure with you, a line pureology launched this year. I have over 25 years experience in the Beauty Industry as a Stylist at Razmataz Salon and I have never seen a product strengthen the hair like Strength Cure does. My hair was colored dark brown in January and slowly this year lightening my hair with Redken’s Flash lift and the help of Strength Cure products we have managed to create the “Hot blonde” I always wanted to be……….Blondes have more fun, right!

The integrity of my hair and the shine is all owed to Strength Cure, if your hair is dry, brittle, damaged from color or heat this is the product for you. I am going to share two key products from this line you cannot live without.

Leave-in Split End Smoothing treatment fortifies and reinforces the cuticle layer of micro-scarred and color damaged hair. Cationic silicones attach to damaged areas where split ends occur. It also helps protect the color and provides shiny, beautiful results.

Fabulous Lengths Treatment is a luxurious fortifying serum that coats the hair’s surface to from a protective shield, it helps strengthen the hair fiber to reduce breakage and provides added slip and detangling thus preventing breakage when combing and styling the hair.


You will find Pureology to be the most advanced formula to safeguard your hair colour, that they offer consumers a money-back guarantee. If within 4 weeks of the date of purchase you have been exclusively using a Pureology product and you are not satisfied with the performance or the colour retaining result Pureology will refund your money, Now that’s a promise and why Razmataz knows Pureology works for our clients!


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