Make a Difference,Like Razmataz Salon, Donate Local with an Amazing Group of Women at Seeds of Strength


Seeds of Strength(SoS) is a group of women who work together to make a difference in the Georgetown community by supporting local non-profit organizations and the outstanding work they do.  Our members are creative and talented women who support philanthropy. Some of our members were born and raised in Georgetown, while others are new to the area. Some members are in their 20s and others are in their 90s. Membership in our Giving Circle is open to all women in the Georgetown area. By giving together, we are able to have a significant impact on our community.

Members contribute $1,000 annually, either individually or as a group.  Each spring, SoS uses 100% of these contributions to awards grants to local non-profit organizations selected by the membership. Each member of SoS has an equal voice in determining which organizations will be awarded grants. Because we recognize the importance of the financial support that SoS provides to grant recipients, we continue to reach out to new members who can help us support additional programs. Your commitment will allow more community partners to have the resources they need to ensure that their programs will be available to those they serve.  Over the last five years Seeds of Strength has contributed $510,000.00 to local non-profits.

Some of the grants that were given last year went to the following Non-profit charities The Georgetown Project, hope Alliance, Rock, Brookwood and Annunciation Maternity.

Razmataz Salon will be hosting an event for Seeds of Strength on Sunday 18th January at the Salon from 1.30 to 3.00pm.

Razmataz Salon supports local charities and Seeds of Strength as we know the money is funneled directly back into our community and seeing a difference with what the charities do with their grants brings all of us at Razmataz great joy.


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