New Year, New Life, New Hair! Trends for 2015!

new_hair_coloring_techniques_content2015 hair trends have discovered  new hair coloring tricks that will help you create fantastic hairstyles with less maintenance than ever before.
There are numerous styles of new hair highlights as well as other color combos that can upgrade your new look for 2015 without changing the base tone that will be great for the new season. The Razmataz salon team has spent the last few months training in all the new techniques and are so excited to be sharing them with you.
Balayage is a great technique that can add just enough subtle streaks to add shimmer and youth to the hair.

Pretty-Short-Ombre-Hair-StyleOmbré, highlights towards the end of the hair is a effortless looking hair trend that originated in France and Is still one of the hottest trends this year as there are so many different options and the shaded regrowth means less maintenance.

Best-Long-Hairstyles-for-2015-Ombre-Wavy-HairWe will be seeing rich reds and Bright coppers this season, this hair statement is exciting,bold and beautiful !
Now let’s talk about the one color that never gets included, I’m as excited as some of you will be to hear ” stop fighting against that gray hair!”The biggest problem for women is gray hair, coloring hair is the only way to hide gray strands, regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later damage hair and make it look frizzy. So which is the best way to get that flawless look? Stop fighting against gray hair!

sijkede-prekrivanjeGray hair is the new blonde. 2015 hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic gray hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color.
If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find numerous inspirational images. If you already have gray hair you can enhance and update your look to ultra-modern by coloring your hair with minimal upkeep.
Remember your home care is very important to keep the longevity of your color, a sulphate free shampoo, cool rinse and heat protectant will be some of the steps you need to take to get the best results, let one of our professionals at Razmataz recommend the right product for you.
A key to maintaining a great look is to see your stylist every 6-8 weeks. With this years shattered/ textured looks you may not even need a full haircut every time and even with some of the coloring techniques like ombré where shaded regrowth requires less maintenance time at the salon might be a little less for that busy lifestyle we all seem to lead.
As far as styling buns, knots twists and braids are in but make sure you give it that grungy look that keeps it hot in 2015!
Hairstyles whatever length have a lot of texture and can be waves, short messy cropped hair or a long head of hair full of curls.

We are very excited at Razmataz for the New Year and the New You!

Stop by for a consultation so we can discuss that perfect style for you! Happy New Year!


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