Hottest trends for men’s hairstyles 2015!


Men become boys and boys become men!

Hair trends for 2015 are timeless, dynamic and very versatile. They take on a sophisticated sporty look with laid-back elegance, these are some of the core elements of men’s hairstyle trends for 2015

Three-day stubble has never fallen out of fashion, but the trend for facial hair has been cranked up a notch: a masculine full beard or fine mustache pay tribute to the man of 2015.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2015

Above: The beard, in all its variations, is essential for the 2015 season

We will see many men wearing their hair gelled back for a striking overall impression, a great product you can purchase at Razmataz Salon is Redken’s Stand Tough Gel which is strong hold and gives the hair high shine or something with medium hold is Reken’s Grip Tight, this has a medium shine, both of these gels are wonderful for this look.

A side parting gives men just as much of a modern attitude as it did in the 1960s. The style can be worn matte, creating a distinctly retro, cool effect. A classic glossy look, on the other hand, supplies plenty of that appealing upper-crust charm.
images (16)
Get the look: The best styling tool for this particular shape is a comb. Put the gel in your hair and comb into a precise side parting. Hold the style in place with hairspray, We recommend Redken’s Forceful #23 for a super hold.

images (9)

This style is so trending right now and very versatile, probably one of my favourite. It can be worn smoothed over with gel or roughed up like the picture for some fun using Redken’s Firm Grasp texturizing clay.

Whenever you use a texturizing clay or wax a deep cleansing  shampoo is needed so as not to get a build up of product on the hair, Razmataz recommends  Redken’s Go Clean for men, it has a refreshing and energizing scent.

We have had so much fun customizing some of these styles on our clients, if you are looking for a change or would like a consultation you can call us at 512 864 9829 or visit us at for more information. Visit us on facebook to view more men’s styles here.


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