Your Wedding Day with Razmataz Salon!


Wedding season is coming up and here at Razmataz we have everything to accommodate your needs for your special day! From the perfect hair to the perfect tan and everything in between. Our stylists love creating the most beautiful look for you, your bridesmaids, and anyone else involved in your wedding!

We do lots of wedding parties here at the salon. With 12 stylists its easy to get even a large wedding party in and out so you have plenty of time for all the last minute things you need to take care of that day. We have lots of bridal parties that bring in mimosas to relax before the event and this is the perfect place for that!

We also have the ability to go out on location to your venue or place that you will be getting ready. This helps tremendously with some parties as some can be getting the hair and make up done while others help set up or take care of the manySarah Airbrush other things that need to be done.

Our make up artists are extensively trained in airbrush make up. This base is recommended for a flawless finish and great for the Texas humidity as it is water resistant and sweat proof. It can cover scars, birthmarks, freckles, and varicose veins, as well as rosacea. False eyelash strips are included and are a must for today’s look!

steph tattooWe now have the ability to cover tattoos we use a special type of makeup to cover the ink and finish it off with airbrush make up so it is waterproof as well. This is great for small or large tattoos that you may not want to show while wearing your wedding dress.

Norvell is the worlds #1 requested spray tan and we offer that at Razmataz as well. We can give you that just off the beach sun kissed glow. We customize each solution based on the clients current skin tone and desired color so it comes out perfect for whatever occasion. Typically it lasts for about a week so we recommend coming in a day or two before the wedding so it looks amazing the day of. We do offer a solution that will temporarily bronze you and comes off when you shower some people prefer this more temporary solution for one time events.


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