A Hairstyle Is Fashionable If It Looks Good On You!


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What is a fashionable hairstyle? I have been a hairstylist for over 25 years and once heard a great quote by a very talented stylist ” A hairstyle is fashionable if it looks good on you!”

Sometimes clients will bring in pictures of haircuts they have fallen in love with and want us to replicate. I’m sure most of you have heard your stylist sometimes tell you that it will be hard to create on you or suggest something else as the style may not be the best for you.

I believe in trusting what your stylist is advising you, sometimes it’s a bit disappointing to hear a haircut you have dreamed of having is suddenly something your stylist is not going to create for you but trust them, they know best.

A professional stylist at Razmataz Salon understands it’s not just a haircut they are giving you, they have to take into account what your hair is like, the thickness, if its wavy, if its frizzy or too textured for your hair, face shape, ears, neck length all have to be taken into consideration.

At Razmataz Salon your stylist will also consult on the up keep of the haircut, how many weeks between a haircut for the style to be kept looking good, products needed to style the haircut and your budget!

This is a consultation you should always have with your stylist each time you arrive with that new look in mind to the salon.

The few steps to a great looking you are easy, trust what your stylist tells you, Pre-book your next appointment so your haircut stays looking great and purchase the products they recommend for you so you can create your style at home.

At Razmataz Salon clients build loyalty points for their services, pre-booking and product purchases that they can redeem for travel products and a few select services. Another great reson why you should visit Razmataz!

Call Razmataz Salon at 512 864 9829 for a consultation.


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