Why Should You Purchase Retail Products From Your Salon!

Did you know there are 3 main reasons you should purchase retail from your Salon and I bet you won’t believe not one reason makes the salon owner rich!


First is the economic level. When purchasing Retail from your Salon it helps keep the service prices down.
Secondly, When you purchase a product your stylist recommends at Razmataz Salon you gain loyalty points that can be redeemed for travel products and select services. When we purchase inventory from our distributor we gain loyalty points just like you. At Razmataz we accumulate the points to redeem for education so we can keep ahead with the trends and learn new techniques in our ever changing industry.
Diversion is the third reason, diverted product is product sold somewhere other than a licensed establishment.Have you ever wondered why some stores carry partial lines, old packaging or the product doesn’t smell the same as the one you had last time? If you checked the price you would see a substantial difference as products channeled thru the black market process incur price increases so the diverters can make more money, sometimes the product can cost twice as much as in the salon. To learn more about diversion click here.
Many beauty companies including Redken and Pureology fight against diversion, if you see their product somewhere it’s not meant to be you can report it thru their website.
Remember these 3 reasons when you visit the salon next time and your stylist recommends your at home maintenance regime and remember it keeps your prices down and your Stylists educated!


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