A Chance To Win A Free Ipad When You Pre-Book Your Next Appointment At Razmataz Salon!

Its That time of year when we have our pre-book raffle and this year we are giving away a free I-pad!

ipad (2)

We spend a lot of time managing our looks, from our clothes to our make-up but there is one thing that can truly change the way we feel every day and that’s our hair.Our hair is the best accessory we own, we wear it every day, with everything.we have  to have a versatile look we can adapt for any occasion, that’s the beauty of a perfectly cut, evenly proportioned style created with you in mind.

Did you know your hair-cut can actually “expire” A haircut  will only look good for so long, we see our clients with short hair every 4-5 weeks, clients with long hair every 6-8 weeks. Many haircuts this season have a lot of texture in them, seeing our clients on a regular basis makes sure we can keep styles up to date and looking great all the time.

Did you also know waiting longer between your color can actually cost you more money! You have more regrowth and typically your color fades more on the mid-length to ends. We have to charge an additional amount for extra color and time it takes, keeping regularly scheduled appointments is the best way to avoid these extras.

Once you’ve found a style/color that gives you flexibility to accomplish most of your needs, PRE- BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. This is without a doubt the best way to manage your fabulous style.

It’s so frustrating when you call Razmataz wanting a hair appointment on a certain day and time with your favorite stylist and the receptionist tells you next week is the soonest they can schedule you! Pre-booking will help you avoid the disappointment and having to wait until your stylist has a suitable time for you.

So what do you have to do to enter? Its that simple, When you are checking out at the front desk schedule your next appointment and we will enter your name into the drawing. As a thank you for participating we are also giving away double loyalty points.


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