” How Much Did That Cost You Honey”

shocked man

You’ve all said it, I’m going to give you a little insight on why women spend what they do:)

First off is a sense of excitement, belief and a need associated with anything we do or buy for ourselves, I am sure most of us have that guilty feeling once in a while after purchasing that one thing that’s going to make us feel good or look fantastic!

For women its not just about their inner beauty, we are bombarded by pictures in magazines, pinterest, facebook, instagram on the tv and imagine and sometimes dream of looking and feeling the way media portrays ever lasting beauty.

How many of you have questioned what your wife, daughter,lover spends on their beauty salon visits,hair products or getting their nails done each week or even wonder when the spending stops or if they can cut down the cost or time associated.

I would love to shed some light and help everyone understand its something a woman needs not just to look good but to feel good.

Lets just take a look at society and fashion as its portrayed in our world and remember how quickly we see everything change, its hard to keep up. Its even harder to keep up with hair fashion as it changes season to season……………….One day its blondes in for summer and brunettes for fall, this summer its balayage.

Its not cheap to change your hair color from season to season, or cut it short to long, vice versa  within a matter of months.We see stars do it all the time, sadly for most of us we need to remember they can spend days at the salon or even have their stylist come to their house to perfect that look, they have endless money.

We see them at the next Oscars event or in this months People magazine and we dream and envision ourselves with that “new” look. We need to remember the cost and time associated with these changes and remember a one time visit will not always create the look we want instantly, As stylists we would love to be able to do that but sometimes hair has to heal or grow between visits as well as our budget!

Next week I will be sharing steps it can take to achieve colors on hair and more cost effective and less damaging ways to achieve fashionable results without the time and cost associated with desired looks for the Summer season.


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