Honey I Saved You Money On My Hair Today!

happy man

But I saw those shoes that everyone’s wearing and I had to have them, Now let’s face it guys in my last blog I said i’d show ways to save money but at the end of the day women love to shop!

Balayage, Blur and a new technique called root smudge are the hottest trends our stylists have perfected this season.

There is a transition cost associated with any one of the new trends but once created it should take you right into the fall with minimal touch up. If you have grey you will still have to get your regular root touch up’s.

If you have highlights that are growing out or you want a change you can “root smudge” a color to look like the pictures below for a soft, summer look, still keeping you light for the summer. This is done by breaking the base, it gets rid of the harsh lines of demarcation so your hair grows out blending softly together.

If your hair is all one color from the winter season creating a balayage would look beautiful. This technique is about the same price as a full highlight, if not more as its very time consuming and sometimes takes a double application of color to create the desired effect, once created you will need minimal touch-up’s!

The Blur technique was developed by Redken color artists, a customizable color technique that let’s you create multi-tonal color with incredible dimension. It has unlimited possibilities and uses a special brush to blend colors together giving a soft transition from one color to the other. This technique is very versatile and can be subtle or dramatic.

Top trending Summer looks are just a phone call away! Call Razmataz Salon today to make your appointment, We look forward to seeing you.


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