Is Your Hair Just Dry ? Or Is It Really Damaged !

Most clients think if their hair is dry it must be damaged too. To a certain extent that is true but you could be using the wrong conditioning or treatment products on your hair or spending too much money on something that your hair doesn’t need.

So, Let’s learn a little bit about dry hair. Dry hair will feel brittle, dry and quite often look drab. Dry hair needs moisture and oil, also using a heat protectant and a leave in conditioner will help when styling the hair. Some of my favorites include:

Intense Hydrating Mask
Intense Hydrating Mask

This mask is rich in Argan oil, hydrates and conditions dryness to improve texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

Moroccan oil
Moroccan oil

Moroccan oil’s formula is rich antioxidant Argan oil and instantly absorbs into hair to immediately enhance manageability, shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving a residue.There is a light oil too if your hair is fine or light colored.

heat styling protection

Last of all protect your hair from drying out from heat associated with drying, curling or straightening the hair with Moroccan oil’s heat styling protection spray, it veils hair in a superior film to protect against thermal damage. Nourishing heat protection strengthens hair as it imparts soft hold and shine.

If your hair is damaged the cuticle is lifted up and quite often the hair is not only lacking moisture but protein too, it feels dry, broken off in some parts and split ends will occur, it will be dull and porous and possibly frizzy. If it is chemically damaged it may have lost it’s elasticity and feels stretchy too . You need a treatment to internally reconstruct the hair again, this is not a one time process, it takes time to heal and reconstruct the hair back from such a fragile state. Using the Argan oil and heat protectant is a must and the least heat as possible, that means little use of curling irons and straighteners, not what you want to hear!

Repair shampoo and conditioner
Repair shampoo and conditioner
restorative mask
restorative mask

Razmataz Salon carries the full line of Moroccan Oil Products, They smell absolutely amazing and do exactly what they say they will do.To read more about Moroccan Oil Products click here .


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