“I’m Not Happy With What My Stylist Did? What Should I Do?”

not happy hair

So you’ve found the perfect Salon, everyone seems pleasant, it has a warm and friendly atmosphere, they have great customer service, your stylist walks over to chat with you during the consultation and you really start to feel like she understands what your saying. You feel confident she’s going to create that “new you” you’ve always dreamed of.

We always hope when we have our hair done with a new stylist it will be perfect, Unfortunately this is not always the case and we have to deal with difficult and upsetting decisions, whether to call the salon, speak with the stylist, which in some cases can feel a little uncomfortable or intimidating, speak with the manager or owner themselves or “Shop Salon to Salon” to find the right Stylist which can cause distress and be a little on the expensive side.

As Stylists we are not perfect, We are creative sensitive people that care about our clients, all we want to do at the end of the day is make them happy, we try really hard to understand what a client is asking for, Sometimes we can imagine in our minds what you want and it may be a little or sometimes (I’m sorry to say) completely different that what you had in mind, rest assured 99% of the time it is fixable so please trust me when I say we can correct almost any situation.

After 11 years of owning Razmataz Salon and 25 years of management within the industry I have learned the best procedure to deal with these unfortunate situations, I hope most Salon’s have a policy.I pride myself in having a very skilled team at Razmataz Salon, we ask that you have the trust in your stylist and give them a chance to correct their own creations. Typically we have great results with this procedure.

Sometimes a stylist and client don’t mesh well together, when this situation arises we will refer our client to another stylist for a difference experience at no charge to them. It is not company policy to give refunds as we provide a service that can be corrected.

Most of the time we keep these clients and build strong relations with them for years to come. We have a strong following of loyal customers at Razmataz Salon, any Salon involved with social media these days have mixed reviews from clients that are happy or sometimes disgruntled. I felt it was time to be open and share a little insight and set peace of mind that we never want a client to feel they could not call the salon and get the situation corrected, that we do have a policy we follow, We don’t like to see negative comments just like you on sites like Yelp and Google, but it happens.

I have some tips when you do try a new stylist that I will share with you,

Always remember people perceive color differently, You may see red as a different tone to another person, the same with copper, blonde, dark brown etc.

hair colors

Use an app such as Pinterest to sort and pin pictures into folders you can take to your stylist so they have a clear idea of what color you desire. There are so many haircuts on Pinterest, you can sort by short, medium, long and build a great portfolio for your stylist.

The clearer picture the stylist has of what you want when you have your consultation the better the outcome will be.

I hope this gives an insight into this somewhat touchy subject for me to write about and I really hope we all get perfect results when we visit our Stylists. At Razmataz Salon we all do our best to give 100% customer satisfaction and hope all our clients stay at Razmataz and live life with amazing hair!

Rachel, Owner Razmataz Salon


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