A Talented Master Stylist At Razmataz Salon, Introducing Crystal Zaniewski!

This is the first of a series of introductions to my very talented stylists at Razmataz, Crystal Zaniewski was born to be an extremely talented stylist, graduating from the College of Cosmetology in Killen in 2005. Crystal moved to this area and stated working at Razmataz in 2013. She has 3 adorable children, One just starting to walk and a husband about to graduate with a in            .

We are so fortunate to have Crystal working on our team, She walks into the salon every day like a ray of sunshine. Her creativity and passion for learning new techniques is evident, her color techniques are perfect, she is a perfectionist, dedicated and patient when it comes to her work and it is never short of anything perfect when the last strand is styled.

Here is some of Crystal’s work, You can also check out our Instagram and pinterest to see more of Crystal’s work.

Her Guru is Guy_Tang, I would say one of the most up and coming stylists in our industry. He sets the bar high for standards in color and styling. I mentioned to Crystal the other day he was coming to New Orleans in September to do a Color and Cut class with a number of other top stylists in our industry and her eyes lit up so big, We both said “Road Trip!’

To have this kind of passion, working in an industry where you can grow artistically and love what you do is rare to find. Seeing Crystal working at the salon every day with her clients leaving the salon looking gorgeous smiling big adds to the energy in the salon we all feel.

Crystal is just one of the many talented stylists we have at Razmataz Salon, each stylist attributes a special talent to Razmataz thus creating a perfect blend. It can’t get better than Razmataz Salon.

Call 512 864 9829 and make your appointment today, don’t miss out experience the best!


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