Rainbow Colors Are The Hottest Trend In Hair Color This Season!

But its not as easy as some of you think to obtain and keep from fading!

Here is a little advice and evaluation to see if your hair can stand up to  following this fun and exciting trend!


If you can imagine a package of Crayola colored pens and drawing a line with each one on a dark piece of paper verses a white piece of paper there is a significant difference. It is much the same with hair, the palette has to be light to begin with or the vivid, pastel or neon colors will not be bright.

Firstly, your hair has to be in great condition, your stylist will need to prelighten your hair with bleach to a pale yellow/white before applying a vivid color. Remember when lightening your hair to this level you need to be very careful as the integrity of the hair is jeopardized if lifted too light the hair can become spongy and break off, At Razmataz Salon we add Olaplex to the bleach to preserve the condition of the hair.

Once your hair is lifted to the desired level your stylist can apply the vivid colors, your hair will sustain the color for a few shampoo’s without it fading but direct dyes are the quickest to fade. If you have a few different vivid colors in your hair it is something you will need to get applied weekly at the salon and the cost can be high. If you have one or two colors you can purchase the vivid colors and reapply at home to keep the cost down. They are very messy and stain very quickly so most of our clients come back to the salon to have reapplied.

Trending right now are grey hues and transitional colors, here are some of my favorites below:

There is however a much easier way to achieve long lasting vibrant colors and that’s extensions! We use Cinderella Hair Extensions that come in an array of vivid colors. They are bonded to the hair by a keratin bond and guess what? There is no damage to your hair and the colors stay as vibrant as the day they were added. Another added bonus is lower cost to you!

Cinderella Vivids
Cinderella Vivid’s

We have a few Stylists at Razmataz Salon that are educated in Extensions, visit us at razmatazsalon.com or call 512 864 9829 to schedule a consultation.


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