Meet Amy Our Creative Stylist With A Pin Up Twist!

There are Stylists, and then there are Stylists with creative talent that learn to dress hair, these stylists are few and far between especially when they have a passion and the patience it takes to truly make it an art.

Stylist Amy
Stylist Amy

Amy is that Stylist! Amy has been with the Razmataz team for three years now, relocating from Colorado where she was a stylist with a loyal following. Amy loves to do photo shoots, she works closely with A Premium Blend, School of performing arts in Georgetown, styling hair and make up. Amy loves the ever so popular Pin Up Girl trend, you can see these styles in film and Tv shows like the series Mad Men and the movie Water For Elephants.

Amy, Exhausted after a shoot!
Amy, Exhausted after a shoot!

Some of Amy’s work below,

The art of Pin Up dates back as early as 1941. Betty Grable was one of the most popular Pin Up girls ever. Pin Up first started with Burlesque performers using their pictures on business cards and posters. Fernande Barrey’s pin up pictures were cherished by soldiers on both sides of the First World War.

Pin Up is sexy but classy and elegant, Fernande Barrey showed more cleavage and full frontal nudity which I’m sure is why she was so popular in the war!

Pin Up styles today keep the classic 1940’s style, You will see tattoo’s, animal print and black clothing are popular nowadays but the fashion is still classy but fun! It is definitely an art to dress these styles, no wonder Amy has so much fun!

2015 Pin Up
2015 Pin Up

Amy is a Master colorist at Razmataz Salon, creative and very meticulous! Call 512 864 9829 or visit to schedule your appointment today!


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