Cheaper To Color Your Hair At Home :) Pro’s And Con’s!


As a hairstylist for over 30 years I can honestly say I’ve only strayed down the color isle at the grocery store to investigate “Home hair color” once or twice in my lifetime. It scares and confuses me, The names sound great, “French roast, infusion red, glazed caramel, mocha, dirty blonde and sun kissed tea” More enhancing words on the color boxes are confident words like “Intense, Power, Glossy, expert, healthy ad radiant” with pictures of beautiful flowing glossy hair and perfect colors.

I must admit is sounds amazing, but what does it mean for you? The person buying the color? How would you ever go about picking the right color? I’d call it luck!

Let me explain a little color theory so you can learn a little of what we learn at hair school and why its important for your Stylist to keep learning and realize why you pay the money you do at the salon.

Let’s take a word like “sandy blonde” sounds like it would be an amazing color, kind of like the sun kissed blonde hair you would have as a child. Let’s buy a color at the grocery store that fits that description, and let’s ask ourselves a few questions before we just slap it on and hope it comes out like the picture?

1. How dark is our hair naturally?

2. Can our hair be lifted enough levels to obtain this color?

3. Is the level of peroxide high enough to lift our hair that many levels?

4. is there enough ash in this formula to counteract the warmth in our hair?

5. Does the formula have enough warmth?

6. Will it cover my grey?

7. My ends are blonde, How will it look on them?

WAIT!!!! OMG! Do you even know what I’m talking about? It sounds confusing right? As a stylist we ask ourselves these questions and many more with each client that comes into the salon for a color.

Formulations often require 3 or more tubes of different colors, taking into account the color of your hair, amount of grey and existing colors on your hair. Redken has over 60 colors in each line for us to mix together. At Razmataz we use 4 of Redken’s color lines to achieve different desired results. Color theory is complex, we study for many hours in school, We study the color wheel and understanding it play’s a big roll in theory.

So remember the next time you stray down the color isle at the grocery store and try and find that perfect color by looking at the pictures there is more to it than meets the eye and mistakes are costly to fix so leave it to the professionals! You’ll be happy you did 🙂

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