Achieve The Perfect Eyebrow For 2015

Well shaped eyebrows are a must for 2015, a well shaped eyebrow frames your features and can give the look of a lift if tweezed correctly, at Razmataz Salon we shape your eyebrows perfectly to enhance your features.

Below is a guideline, tweeze anything outside of these areas for the perfect brow. A great way to do this is using your eyebrow brush to measure the distances and pencil mark off the areas that you should tweeze.

Eyebrow Guidelines
Eyebrow Guidelines

My recommendation would be to come to the salon and have them professionally designed, this is a service we can easily add with a cut or color, waxing is more effective as it even gets the light hairs most of us cannot see and creates a perfect base for your makeup around the eyes.

Shading and toning the brows is a great way to finish your perfect brow, at Razmataz Salon we use Mirabella’s “Brow Accent Duo” and their angled brow brush, you can also purchase these in our retail section. For the month of July we have a special on Mirabella make-up, Buy one get one 50% off.

Call Razmataz today to book your appointment today to get your lift! 512 864 9829

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