Having Your Hair Bleached, Use Olaplex For No Breakage!


When coloring natural darks, dark colored, or fragile hair with bleach in the past trying to create stunning light browns, beiges and blondes the integrity of the hair has been tested and quite often left damaged, broken, lacking in protein, moisture and even with some of the best professional conditioning treatments we use in Razmataz Salon the damage can not be repaired. In fact quite often we have refused this service and educated the client on their hair stating that it is not worth the extent of the damage and suggested another color service.

Like myself, having really dark hair, hair that is colored dark or hair too fragile to bleach becoming a blonde has always been a dream! Not today or any other day in the future with Olaplex.

At Razmataz Salon our color specialists stay on the cutting edge with new technology in our industry. We have been waiting anxiously for Olaplex to become available to us and we are so excited to of tested it in the salon this summer and even more excited to share a product that we know works with you, a vision in our color industry we didn’t know could become a reality, with Olaplex it has come true!

Blonde using Olaplex at Razmataz
Blonde using Olaplex at Razmataz
What is this stuff… Olaplex?

The Company started by finding two of the world’s leading PHD’s in Materials and Chemistry that had never worked on hair products before, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. With this fresh outlook, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services Olaplex links broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.

Before and After with Olaplex
Before and After with Olaplex

It may all sound like the same old mumbo jumbo, but check out what our colorists are saying about Olaplex. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

Cherub says,

I love using Olaplex, it’s great for color corrections or even taking your blonde clients lighter. I’ve used it on several clients now and had nothing but amazing results, I’ve never been able to get blonde hair to look so shiny, my clients love it. When used correctly Olaplex leaves the hair in just as good of condition as before and sometimes feeling even better. I am hooked!

Crystal says,

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Olaplex, and wow! The results are amazing! So exciting to know I can give my clients the results they want, without ruining the integrity of their hair.

Jason says,

Awesome results, My clients love it and so do I!

Call 512-864-9829 for an appointment today, or visit razmatazsalon.com. Make that dream become a reality! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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