It’s All About The False Eyelashes!

cover pic eyelashes

False eyelashes are a must to complete today’s look, without them your eye’s are not complete.In 2015 we have seen a strong brow shape, winged out eye’s and long luscious lashes.

First we take into account your eye shape,If it’s a day or evening look and how dramatic you would like them to be.

A great website I love is  Ardell Lashes, On this site you can see what eye shape you are and then go to a page that shows all the lashes that look will look good on you.

They have a “get the look “page that gives you instructions for day, and evening looks!

Ardell also sells everything you need to get the perfect brow, pencils and creams. I love the cream as it glides on with the eyebrow brush provided and gives a lovely soft look. You can see in the picture below how a finished eyebrow can make a huge difference to the eyes.

eyebrow ardell

Our make-up stylists at Razmataz Salon always include false eyelashes with every look, it’s amazing how much they make your eyes pop. Many photographer’s we work with tell us it’s a must for Brides and Portraits.

If you need a makeover or a consultation call Razmataz Salon at 512 864 9829, We are here to help make you look beautiful!


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