human trafficking

Having been a  a Salon Owner for many years I have had all kinds of donation requests, never has one touched my heart like this one did!

My blog is mostly about about making women beautiful, new trends and make-up but as a Stylist we also make people feel happy and beautiful about themselves, if it’s just listening to our clients problems, worries or telling funny stories having a fun time whilst doing their hair,we are helping them.

So when a young girl came into Razmataz Salon and handed a flier asking to put a donation jar in the salon and i read the cause i jumped at it! I love it when the young are inspired by something that touches them. Taylor Jenson, a young 16 year old from Georgetown went on a mission trip to India this Summer with The group she was with opened Angel houses for children who didn’t have a place to live.

donation jar at Razmataz Salon
donation jar at Razmataz Salon

An Angel House Freedom Home is a place where women of all ages can go when there is no where else to go. Many of the young women stopped at the border have been sold or given away by their families. In these tragic situations, these women cannot return home in fear of physical and emotional abuse. The Angel House Freedom Home houses these women, provides food, clothing, emotional support and training in a trade like textiles or cosmetology.

Depending on the severity of their past situation, most women are ready to step out in the world on their own after 4-9 months. When ready they are given a steady job, place to live and a second chance at a fulfilling and prosperous life. They are also connected with a local Church and support group to stay safe and encouraged.

Click here to watch a short video on Angel Freedom House and Trafficking.

Taylor is young and inspiring and was planning on raising enough money to sponsor a home, she quotes ” God planted it in my heart and knowing I could not ignore it I was in prayer about it for several weeks, I thought God was telling me to open a home but he had a different calling for me, looking at the Missions.Me website I spotted “Freedom Rescue” and as I started to read more about it, I started to get emotional. Right there and then I knew exactly what God was saying”.

“So here I am, 16 years old with a call to be a missionary, and a dream to change the nations, and a plan to open a safe place where women can come to find freedom and love, I am asking for your help”

“Join me in prayer as we create a place where these precious victims can recover and be restored. If you feel led, please donate to this cause/home where girls CHAINS can be BROKEN.”

You can donate at Razmataz Salon, Lift Salon ( Where Taylor’s mum works as a stylist) and online at Missions.Me/BrokenChains

“Spread the word! Thank you so much!!!” Taylor

I am hoping this touches your heart as much as it did mine, Rachel, Owner Razmataz Salon.


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