Make Sure Your Stylist Is Using The Only Bleach For Balayage, Pravana Pure Light!

Gone are the days of mundane highlights! This year Balayage has created lots of excitement with stylists across the world as it’s an art, painting the hair is so much more creative, knowing the correct products, tools and techniques is education!

Since this new technique was made famous by the one and only Guy Tang we have been able to watch many video’s online of his and our clients and have loved transitioning to balayage, with less maintenance, loving the freedom it gives them as they can go longer between colors.

Until now we have had to use the same bleach we use when foiling highlights , with the balayage technique it dries out when painted on the hair, also oxidizing with the air as its meant to be applied in foil to process so its been a struggle to acheive optimum results.

Not any more!

With Pravana’s Pure Light Bleach there is no mess and beautiful results can be achieved each time, below Ive shared some important facts that sets your Balayage apart from others when using Pravana Pure Lift Bleach at Razmataz Salon!

Pravana has introduced a bleach specifically for balayage, it contains a propietary blend of rice flour and kaolin clay that forms an outer shell that hardens, encapsulating the lightener in the hair keeping it moist and allowing for extended open-air processing.Traditionally foils are used to keep the lightener moist so they can continue lifting. Aloe keeps the moisture in the hair and keratin protein strengthens the hair to create beautiful Balayage results.

We are so excited to carry this product at Razmataz Salon, and the freedom from foils we needed to make hairdressing once again a creative, artistic talent we so love! We can not wait to see Guy Tang in New Orleans at a hair show later this month and share even more of his techniques with our clients!

Call Razmataz Salon today to book your transformation at 512 864 9829!


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