Fall Fashions For 2015 To Compliment Your Hair!

It’s hard to believe we are talking about fall hair and fashion and its still 95 degrees outside! In Texas we tend to dream about Winter boots, chunky knits and thick jackets more than we can wear them or we just crank down the air-conditioning as low as it will go just so we look good! “Fashion is fashion” as they say!

This fall’s fashion’s are fun with chunky knits, floral patterns, flares, faux fur stoles and that 70’s vibe.

Winter Florals
Winter Florals

Winter Florals are dark backgrounds with bright flowers, some of my favorite have a kind of Gypsy look, giving it a mysterious and exotic look.

Car Wash Skirt
Car Wash Skirt

Car wash skirts are feminine and sexy! They show some leg, added with some cool hosiery that’s in this fall and a floral shirt you will look dynamite! Ready for work and fun in the evening, this look is professional yet sexy enough to wear on a date….

Cool Hoisery
Cool Hosiery

Need a little “Sass” for that weekend look! The 70’s vibe is back. Flares once again! You can add a chunky knit sweater (brown is popular this year) and a pair of heeled ankle boots, You will be all legs, I love this look:)

A Hairdressers delight! “monochromatic Black” A friend once bought me a t-shirt that said, “I’m wearing this color until they come out with something darker!” Being a Stylist I will wear all black! most people will accent something in black, its nice to have those few essential’s in your closet so stock up this fall while the racks are stocked full.

Finally, here are the essentials of the season to dress up anything, large earrings look great with short hair or your hair pulled back.

Consignment shops are a great place to find many of the fall’s hot want’s, we have a few great consignment stores near us, The Exchange in Georgetown on the Square and Platoscloset, Fall’s fashion for half the price!

Don’t forget my last blog was about fall’s hair, Razmataz Salon is on the cutting edge for all your fall needs, Give us a call 512 864 8929.


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