Tootin’ Our Own Horn @ Razmataz Salon!!

Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my voice ‘My Razmataz Team is Amazing!”

They are hard working, talented, have kind hearts, love their clients and are a joy to work with every day.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all fun and games, there’s a lot going at Razmataz, training associates, color formulations, new products, social media, scheduling and then there’s the dirty work….Towels & more towels, did I mention towels and color bowls and bottles and the abundance of hair………everywhere!!!!

At Razmataz Salon we pull through our crazy days with laughter because as stylists we believe in making our clients happy, confident and excited about their looks. We keep updated with new products, new looks and fashion to give our clients the very best!

Here are a few pictures of their work I wanted to share with you in this blog.

Jason, One of our Stylists also has a hidden talent, I say hidden but there is artistic painting in the salon and on the windows outside he likes to change the theme with the seasons.

Jason's Halloween theme
Jason’s “Fall Theme”

Jason is enjoying practicing painting the girls faces for halloween right now, Here’s a sneak peak!


We’ve been continuing our education with a Color Show in New Orleans, a few weeks ago, next week I will be sharing some pictures from the show.

Coming up we have a men’s cutting class, Straightening System class and a Mirabella make up class……..As you can see in our Industry it’s very fast paced, just like the changes in clothing fashion. If your stylist is not as enthusiastic and knowledgable, always continuing their education then it’s about time you visited Razmataz Salon!


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