Sexy, Hot Party Hair, Get The Look!

You’ve got the perfect dress, shoes, make-up, it’s looking like your set to party into 2015!

Wait, your hair……… How will you style it?

Up-dos’s are so easy to do nowadays, they look elegant, sexy and really complete your look!

Whilst I was doing a little Christmas shopping this weekend I stumbled upon a $5 store in the Domain in Austin. Most of the time I wouldn’t think to go in a store like this for hair accessories, it’s amazing for the price how good they look, these are a hot fashion item for fall. Wow, what a find!

Braid styles are easy to do and are in style this season, here are a few I love that Crystal one of our talented stylist’s did at Razmataz. Add a little bling and you are ready to go!

You can do something similar at home with a little time, First you have to have slightly dirty hair, when I am curling hair it works better the second day when its got a little mousse and hairspray in it. Sometimes its even better the third day. The products give it a little traction. bear in mind a dry shampoo is a must, my favorite is Moroccan Oil’s, they have one for dark hair and light hair that works perfect.

dry shampoo

Some of my favorites are Moroccan Oil’s Root Boost and Redken’s #32 hairspray that is humidity resistant.

A wand or curling iron is the best way to put a curl in your hair, once you have done that you can shake it out and add a twist or braid into it and pin the rest of your hair to the back or side.

We stock all these product’s at Razmataz Salon we also have a very talented team of stylist’s that can create that hot, sexy look for your 2015 party time, Give us a call at 512 864 9829 and book your appointment today.


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