What You Need To Know Before Your Balayage Appointment!

redken balayage

Balayage is a technique we use to color hair. It is a buildable color, this means it can take up to 4 applications/ 4 visits to achieve a desired color result.

Balayage is a paintable technique. applied to the hair using a special bleach that encapsulates the active ingredients in a clay so it does not dry out and loose it’s strength. Using a regular bleach will dry on the hair, crumble and not be as effective.

If your hair is dark  you will need your base lightened at the same appointment, sometimes this can be done before or after the balayage process, it just depends on your base/root color. If it is not your natural color and colored dark it is considered corrective color as we need to lift that color off of your hair first.

Remember the process of corrective color does not change with each technique it still takes many steps to achieve a desired color if it is a drastic change for your hair and will cost at least $70 an hour.

If your hair has all over color and you have root regrowth it needs to have some corrective work done in order to get a workable palette for a balayage.

bad balayage

As you can see in this picture it is a distinct color difference, in order to do a balayage service we consider this corrective work.

This is a balayage our stylist Crystal posted on her Instagram, as you can see the transition in colors are soft and flow nicely:


This is a darker balayage Selena posted o her Instagram, there is a more distinct change but still blends nicely:

FullSizeRender (2)

At Razmataz Salon we recommended setting up a consultation or emailing us a picture of your present color and what you want, your balayage may take longer than the required time slot if you have color on you hair. We don’t want to disappoint you and have to reschedule.

You can email us at razmatazsalon@gmail.com





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