Drugstore vs Salon Shampoo

Many people use drugstore Shampoos because of the convenience and affordability of the products. Not to mention all of the advertising you see in magazines and on TV. There is nothing wrong with using these shampoos by any means we just wanted to explain to you the difference between ours and theirs so you can make a more educated decision next time you need to purchase shampoo.

Let’s start with drugstore shampoos. Many advertise that they are just as good as salon brands and use many of the same ingredients. While this may be true they in fact only contain a small amount of the salon quality ingredients. They tend to dilute and put fillers in their products such as waxes and animal fats to give you “more” in the bottle. These fillers may leave hair feeling soft to the touch but if you take a closer look it us just leaving a build up on top of the hair and not actually hydrating from within. These can also be harsh on the hair especially over time. A lot of them contain a chemical called “sodium laureth sulfite” there are many different versions of this but they all essentially create the sudsing effect that makes us feel like our hair is getting clean. These actually strip the hair of its natural oils causing damage and dehydration

Salon shampoos have highly concentrated amounts of high grade ingredients and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and oils. This ensures hair is nourished from within and there is no waxy build up. It also helps to combat frizz because when hair is properly hydrated it doesn’t want to soak up the humidity around it. Because these are so highly concentrated you don’t need to use nearly as much as you may be used to from the drugstore shampoos.

Typical hair PH ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. Salon grade shampoos have a PH of 5-7 which is considered neutral. Drugstore shampoos range from 4-9 PH. When shampoos have an alkaline PH it may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair surface and which can increase the friction between the fibers. This can cause cuticle damage and fiber breakage.


Because salon shampoos are so concentrated depending on your hair length and thickness you can get 65+ uses out of one bottle. So even if you are washing your hair everyday, which most people do not, you get about 2 ½ months use from one bottle. If you are using drugstore shampoo you probably have noticed it doesn’t last nearly that long due to the lower concentration of quality ingredients and added water. There have been a couple of studies done and in the end it cost about the same over time to use the drug store shampoos as the salon ones.

We guarantee all of our shampoos and conditioners we sell as do most salons. If you buy something and use it a few times and realize its not working for your specific needs you can switch it out for something else until we find what works best for your hair type.


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