Behind The Scenes, Buying Retail From Your Salon


Buying retail from your salon is not only beneficial to you and your hair when you get a customized recommendation from your personal stylist.

We can guarantee the product has not expired, is not diverted and if it happens to not fulfill everything you thought it was, please return it and we will give you an in store credit.

We also wanted to let you know the process that goes on behind the scenes here at Razmataz and the loyalty program we can offer you because companies we choose to do business with support us, as the professional.

In most industries today you have to have a loyalty system.When we purchase from our distributor we accrue points. These points can be used for a variety of things like apparel, hairdryers, advertising but one thing we do with them is redeem them for travel/ trial size products.

We give our clients points for purchasing retail/services, referring new clients to the salon, pre-booking appointments and specials like double points for retail. We then let the client choose products that they love or maybe its something new they want try in a travel size, this is a great way to try something different at no cost to you!


Another way we can spend our points is on education. We can use them to take classes that further our stylist education and even bring in an educator to do a classes for the whole salon! This is a great way for us to keep up with current with ever changing trends in the industry and when we get help from the professionals that make our products we can better serve your needs in the salon day to day.


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