Holiday Makeup Tips!

The holidays are always a fun time to glam yourself up! From Christmas parties to family gatherings, there is a holiday makeup trend for everyone.

RED LIPSTICK– This is the top trend for the holidays as it is one of the colors associated with the season. Many women find it hard to find the right shade because there are many different reds to choose from. Finding the right shades is based on skin tone, hair color, and even your personality!

If you are fair and have blonde or cooler toned brown hair the more bright the red the better! Below are some examples of the right shades of red. These reds are blue based so they give off a cooler tone that compliments the color of their skin and hair.

If you have medium or darker skin it’s better to go with either a darker red or a orange based red. These will compliment your features better. If you fairer skinned ladies are into the “vampy” look, the darker reds will suit you well too. Below are some examples of dark reds and orange based reds.


SMOKEY EYE– Smokey eyes are very popular during the holidays because they add that little extra pop to your ensemble. There are many different color variations of smokey eyes. You can have a purple based, grey based, or brown based smokey eyes. Based on your preferences, you can choose which one you feel more comfortable with. Usually, green eyes look better with purple, brown eyes with browns, and blue eyes with greys. But all in all, most anyone can pull off these colors independent of what your eye color is. 


Razmataz Salon is here for all your holidays needs! We have makeup artists on hand to answer any questions you may have or to get you ready for your holiday get-togethers! Call us at 512-864-9829 to book your appointment now. 


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