Luxury Customized Moroccan Treatments At Razmataz!


We are so happy to introduce an amazing customized treatment line from Moroccan oil, relaxing scalp massage and hot towel included.

With the cold weather and heat inside our houses your hair is extra dry this season. Infuse your hair with moisture internally and see it shine thru this season.

If you suffer from oily or dry scalp/psoriasis or eczema Moroccan has the answer. Dry scalp is often treated by many people with over the counter harsh shampoos that may take the dry particles off the scalp temporarily but will never treat the condition. Using the Dry Scalp Treatment will soothe and  replenish the moisture combating the condition and keeping it at bay for good.


Dry Scalp Treatment contains geranium essential oil to nourish and relieve irritation (including scalps sensitive to color) Salicylic acid gently exfoliates to help reduce itch and flakiness, boosts shine and improves circulation.


Oily scalp is an over production of the sebaceous gland. Oily Scalp Treatment contains ginger root oil that helps balance oil production in the scalp. Soothes inflammation of the hair follicle, revives lifeless looking hair.

Talk to your stylist about which treatment will be best for you, We can’t wait for you to experience the Moroccan way!




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