Redken Nails it,Smart hair Care Is Here!

Smart hair care is here, Redken is always one step ahead with technology, we are so excited with the new release RCT Complex products.

Hair has different needs at different levels, from the root to the core/mid lengths to the tip. Now for the first time Redken addresses each of these needs with smart, targeted, customized technology: The breakthrough, New RCT Technology!

R=ROOT= Soy protein, helps add structure (perfect as it wont make the hair flat)

C= CORE=Arginine, helps condition the hair (to maintain the moisture)

T=TIP=Sepicap, helps restore life to the ends(no brittle, dull ends)

Choose from:

All soft for dry, brittle hair

Color Magnetics, Sulfrate free for color treated hair

Extreme, for damaged hair


This mask has a dual chamber design with two different formulas, when they combine during application it creates the ultimate “multi-mask” experience that treats hair’s unique needs from root to core to tip.

The secret? Combining the deep conditioning of a mask with the long-lasting benefits of an extender.

Use it in place of your typical conditioner once a week — it only takes three minutes! And last’s 3 shampoo’s, Now that’s smart!

Right now at Razmataz Salon we have a special introductory price of $24 for the mega mask, a nice bonus is the travel shampoo and conditioner that comes with it.

Supplies wont last long so stop by and get yours today!




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