Curly hair! Read This, Moroccan Oil Has The Answer!

moro curl


Curly hair is a beauty all of its own and everyone with natural curl should be able to embrace it.


Curly hair is an irregular twisted fiber, it tends to have less shine and MORE  frizz. Adding moisture to the hair will give your hair shine and also reduce the frizz. Knowing how to FLAUNT those coils is exactly what we do here at  Razmataz Salon.

Here is your LOCKS low down!

moro curl

Treat those precious coils with Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo and conditioner.

This nourishment  will give those coils exactly what they need for  boosting curl, taming frizz and radiant shine!

Don’t stop there give those locks more more more!                                                                           From beach waves to the Kinkiest curls these products are sure to keep those locks looking Shiny, Shapely, and Beautifully refreshed! let me not forget to add, taming  the unbearable FRIZZ!



Intense curl Cream: has less hold, more bounce and leaves  your curls hydrated. No crispy curl with this product.

Curl Control Cream: has MORE  hold with bounce leaving your curls hydrated. No crispy curl with this product.

Curl Control Mousse: Controls those curly coils and tight spiral locks with no crunch. Tames and defines those locks for hours.6682_herodesktop_curlproducthero_2

  These products  are Infused with Argan oil but very light weight, makes for smooth natural texture with NO sticky residue. 


Curl Re Energy:

Refresh those coils with aloe leaf juice, green tea, and argan oil.

Wake those curls up in the morning or give those locks energy in the evening with out  even shampooing!  This reactivating mist is a must have, giving shine and moisture WITH OUT A SHAMPOO! You read that right No SHAMPOO! 

All products available at Razmataz Salon,Until next time love your hair! 


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