Razmataz Wins A Place In The Nationals, Here We Come Vegas, Battle Of The Salons!


We did it! Off to vegas we go to Battle it out with Salons across the Nation! Thank you for all of the support from our wonderful families, clients and especially the team that made this all happen.

Crystal, Manager of Razmataz Salon headed up the team.


She did an awesome job. As you can imagine with 8 team members busy making wigs, costumes, make up, music, skits, selling tickets and making sure we were all still sane she had a lot to handle. We all juggled kids, sleep and clients to give it the best shot we could and we are ecstatic we won.

Below are the Videos from both weeks filmed by Cj Sunderstrom, please be advised there is some minimal nudity!

Battle of the Salon’s – Week 1 (ATX)

Battle of the Salon’s – Week 2 (ATX)

I would like to thank our wonderful models:

Matt Davis, Alva Sim and Sadaf Chadwick for the first week.

Emily Davis, Alva Sim and Trinity Smith for the second.

Crystals wonderful team, Peyton Wilson, Rachel Smith, Julissa Mundahl, Shelley Kaderka, Amy Rhone, Selena Perez, Chris Michalak, Jason Kellar (makeup week 2) and Emily Davis.

Razmataz Salon is so honored to be representing Austin, Texas in Vegas along with Vintage Beauty Salon. All the salon’s that competed were so creative, we are very lucky to have such wonderful staff and models that dedicated so much time to this competition. Haute European salon and Beauty Products, Vintage Beauty Salon, Central Texas Beauty College, Baby Face Too Salon & Spa, Bang Salon & Day Spa, Luster Hair Lounge, Joel Ray Salon and Amp’Diva Salon.

A huge thank you to Sam Gutierrez, without Sam none of this would be possible.

We are the first stop for Battle of the Salons, they will be travelling around the Country and we can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos. Vegas is set for March 2019 and we are already busy starting our fundraising, thank you to all our clients for supporting us.



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