Razmataz Introduces Farmhouse Fresh Products!

farm house header

Razmataz Salon is so excited to introduce a natural,vegan and gluten free product line, Farmhouse fresh! We have spent months trying to find the perfect line to fit with our new adventure upstairs where we will offer luxury manicure, pedicures whilst you sip on a drink of your choice and get swept away in a sensory experience like nothing you have ever experienced.

Farmhouse Fresh products are made in Texas, they source regional U.S. farm ingredients whenever possible, the baskets, tabletop displays and tote bags are all handmade in the USA.

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AriaHouse at Razmataz  will be hands on in the kitchen where you can sample all the yummy scrubs and shea lotions, shower gels, soaps and milk baths. At AriaHouse we feel experiencing the product will create an enjoyable environment to relax and shop.

In the future we will be shipping gift wrapped products, all you will have to do is choose what you want in your basket, we will do the rest!


Farm House Fresh is featured in the hottest magazines on the shelves, the celebrity world is buzzing over these products and so are WE! We are so happy to be bring Farm House Fresh products to our clients. You have to stop by and sample all the scrumptiousness for your skin!


If you follow an organic lifestyle, Farm House Fresh  promises  to champion your journey! Every certified Farm House Fresh product is crafted WITHOUT GMO’s, synthetic herbicides and pesticides. They got down to the dirt of it! Offering “Purity down to the roots” — from root to jar, certification required inspections of pick bins, gloves, equipment, storage containers, handling facilities & filling processes — all to ensure there organic skincare products meet there  promise to you. Look for an auditing firm logo on every jar.

We know your going to LOVE Farm House Fresh and our NEW addition AriaHouse. Come and enjoy the day with us, we promise you wont regret it!


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